Minimalist house in Stirlingshire

Stirlingshire House

New house, Stirlingshire


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300m2 "minimalist house" situated in rural Stirlingshire.

The plan of the house is arranged as two separate, clearly defined wings.

On approach from the road, the house sits discretely and privately. To the left side there is a row of mature conifers, bounding the southern edge of the site. The single storey block on the right hand side contains a double garage and two guest bedrooms each with their own shower room.

Ahead, we enter the larger, main block of the house which consists of three separate levels. The house has been "future proofed" with the installation of a passanger lift serving each level.

Addressing the sloping topography of the site, the beguilingly simple, open plan entrance area sits one metre above the drawing room below, which has a completely open view of the garden to the west.

On the same level as the drawing room, to the left, is the master bedroom with large shower room and opn plan sunken bath.

The main oak stair with its white zig-zagging metal stringer plate leads from the drawing room to the open plan kitchen / dining / lounge on the upper floor.

The main living space has spectacular, uninterrupted views towards Ben Lomond to the west and the Kilpatrick Hills to the south. In the extreme corner of this space, beyond the lounge area, there is a neatly cantilevered balcony which makes the very best of the outlook.

Including recessed handrails, recessed LED lighting, frameless doors and neatly executed shadow gaps where walls meet floors, all of the detailing in the house is uncompromisingly minimal, well detailed and well made.

The landscaping of the west terrace compliments the composition of the house very well using a restrained palette of material and an elegantly designed reflecting pool.

The house is very energy efficient and is served by an under floor heating system driven by an air source heat pump. A mechanically ventilated heat recovery system is installed thoughout the house.

The narrative that exists between the building and the landscape is inspired by the design principle of "Hide and Reveal", or Miagakure, from traditional Japanese zen gardens.

Stirlingshire house
Stirlingshire house
Stirlingshire house
Stirlingshire house
Stirlingshire house